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UFOV Research Has
Been Funded By:

• National Institutes of Health

• National Institute on Aging

• Department of Transportation


• Area Agencies on Aging

• General Motors

Graphs, Tables and Stats

For a Table of Selected Independent Researchers Using UFOV [crash frequency] [view table]

Relationship Between UFOV Impairment and Injurious Accidents [crash frequency] [view graph]

UFOV Impairment In the Population [30–50% of senior drivers] [view graph]

It's Not Just About Age [mean crash frequency] [view graph]

Predictions of Useful Field of View Reductions [identifies drivers] [view table]

High vs. Low Risk UFOV Categories Stratified By Crash History [sensitivity and specificity]
[view table]

Opportunity Growth [new business] [view graph]

View Rehabilitative Results of UFOV Training [rehab results] [view stats]

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