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As a health care provider, you're often asked to make decisions about your patients' ability to drive following an accident, illness or diminished capacity due to age. With Useful Field of View, you now have an objective, evaluative, computer-administered test that accurately scores a driver's visual attention—which is highly correlated with accident involvement.

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UFOV—We Love It!
The Traffic Improvement Association of Oakland County Michigan has over eleven years experience with mature driver workshops where we:

(1) review driver training issues

(2) provide pscho-physcial exams; e.g., night glare recovery, acuity, brake-reaction time, depth perception and the Useful Field of View (UFOV), and

(3) on the road examinations with qualified driving instructors.

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More importantly, UFOV is rehabilitative [view stats]. Drivers with attentional deficiencies can experience improvements of 60-300% in their Useful Field of View, after only a short UFOV training period.

In fact, UFOV may be a sensitive indicator of early Alzheimer’s disease or other disorders resulting in cognitive impairment. By using UFOV for testing and rehabilitation, you can expand your practice, offer a new service [view graph] and gain the competitive edge you've been looking for—it's less expensive, quicker and easier to administer than simulators or on-the-road evaluations. For your patients, it's non-invasive, confidential and stimulating. Keep your patients in the driver's seat with Useful Field of View. Contact us to find out how.

Source: [use applicable bibliography entry for 60-300% stats]

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View Rehabilitative Results of UFOV Training [view stats]

Opportunity Growth [view graph]

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