Who Benefits From UFOV?

Now—A Safe, Easy Way to Assess Drivers’ Cognitive Ability

UFOV is intended for people of all ages when testing cognitive functioning. It's recommended for individuals who drive for a living, have experienced vehicle crashes or may be at risk for accidents because of age-related health problems such as a stroke.

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One Senior Driver's Experience with UFOV
Chris Bane, 81, is not a typical senior driver – she’s extraordinary. Her philosophy of life is “at our time of life you don’t have to fight and hassle as much – just relax and go with the flow”. This year “going with the flow” for Chris meant driving down to North Carolina with her husband Ralph to visit their daughter, Carolyn, followed by a leisurely drive up to Montreal to canoe with daughter, Cynthia.
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In fact, UFOV may be a sensitive indicator of early Alzheimer’s disease or other disorders resulting in cognitive impairment. It’s easy to use, and accurately identifies drivers at a high risk for accident involvement—and it's independent of age. Drivers who test at a greater than 40% reduction in UFOV have a higher mean crash frequency [view graph], regardless of age.

More importantly, it’s rehabilitative. [view stats] In addition to its diagnostic abilities, UFOV may be useful in treating some stroke victims and other brain injuries. For the first time, everyone from senior drivers to high-liability/high-mileage commercial drivers has the opportunity to improve cognitive ability—keeping them in the driver’s seat. Useful Field of View is the perfect solution, turning hopelessness into hope.

UFOV is an extensively researched, objective solution intended for:

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Graphs, Tables and Stats

Predictions of Useful Field of View Reductions [identifies drivers] [view table]
View Rehabilitative Results of UFOV Training [view stats]

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