UFOV—We Love it!
The Traffic Improvement Association of Oakland County Michigan has over eleven years experience with mature driver work- shops where we: (1) review driver training issues (2) provide pscho-physcial exams; e.g., night glare recovery, acuity, brake-reaction time, depth perception and the Useful Field of View (UFOV), and (3) on the road examinations with qualified driving instructors.

After considerable research, TIA began using UFOV two years ago as another evaluation tool for its workshop participants. Not only does the research show that cognitive abilities have a
direct link to traffic crashes, but our students enjoy using this user-friendly, integrated computer model for evaluation.

TIA is placing this tool in two different senior centers for extensive use by all those who frequent the centers. In addition, the rehabilitation component is available to those who are having trouble and Wayne State University is assisting the research of the use and rehabilitation of our participants.